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Being a volunteer-based organization, naturally, volunteers are critical to our success. Our staff takes care of the basic needs of the animals, but volunteers are crucial for many other important activities. Volunteering activities are generally broken down into three categories: Dog/Cat Volunteering, Facility Volunteering, and Out-of-Facility Volunteering.

Dog/Cat Volunteering

Caring for all of the animals at our shelter is hard work, and volunteers are always needed! We can have up to dozens of dogs and cats at a time who all need love and care during their stay at our shelter.
Some of the activities involved with working with these animals include:

  • Walking dogs
  • Feeding dogs/cats
  • Cleaning cages/litter boxes
  • Playing with/socializing dogs/cats
  • Training dogs (if qualified)
  • Supervising dog runs
  • Help at off-site adoption events/social events
  • Help with visits to and from schools, scout troops, etc.

Facility Volunteering

For those who want to help but don’t want to deal directly with animals, there are many other ways to help at the shelter.

  • Such activities include:
  • Office work/data entry
  • Phone representative/receptionist
  • Floor/room/exterior cleaning
  • Gardening
  • Trash removal
  • Dish/bowl washing
  • Laundry
  • Minor repairs

These are just some of the things that need to be done on a daily basis at the shelter!

Out-of-Facility Volunteering

Finally, for those who do not wish to make the trip to our facility or simply do not have the time to come in regularly on an ongoing basis, there are other ways to help.

Such activities include:
  • Fostering an animal
  • Applying for grants
  • Creating/editing newsletters
  • Creating content for social media
  • Marketing/Public Relations
  • Photography/videos of animals and events
  • Transporting animals to/from the vet or adoption events
  • Volunteer recruiting
  • …and more

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