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Bloomfield Animal Shelter is looking for foster homes for animals who, for various reasons, would not do well in the shelter environment.

Some animals may be elderly or have medical issues that need more attention than our staff can provide. Others may need socialization or better house manners before being offered for adoption, or be too young to be adopted yet.

During the spring and summer months, also known as “kitten season,” BAS is always in need of foster homes for nursing mothers with kittens and orphaned kittens who may need to be bottle-fed.

To help us, we are looking for caring and patient adult volunteers to take these pets into their homes. Any animal that goes into foster stays with their foster owners until they can be offered for adoption, until the foster owners can no longer foster the animal, or until the foster owners adopt the animal for themselves. During an animal’s stay in a foster home, the Bloomfield Animal Shelter will provide supplies such as food, crates, carriers, collars, leashes, and medication. In addition, BAS will be responsible for any veterinary care needed for the animal. Foster volunteers will receive appropriate training and instructions for each animal they take into their home.

You can meet some of our pets on our Petfinder page:

(Click on the Petfinder logo.)

pet finder

Photo Credit and special thanks to: Anthony Torres Photography for contributing his time and talent.

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