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Adoption Overview

As a no-kill shelter, our mission is to find a home for each animal that comes into our shelter. These animals include those whose owners can no longer care for them for various reasons and surrender them to us, as well as strays, neglected or abandoned pets. When an animal is first brought to the shelter, it is kept in isolation for 7 days, vetted and evaluated before being placed in the general population of shelter animals and put up for adoption. Our staff and volunteers take excellent care of our animals, including daily walks, socialization and ongoing training, as well as the basics – food/water, shelter and veterinary care. In doing so, they learn about each animal’s personalities and this helps them match the pet to an appropriate adoptive family. You can see some of our pets on our Petfinder page by clicking here: pet finder

Our adoption fees vary, depending on different factors, including age and type of pet.
Generally, our fees are as follows:

There are periodic events where adoption fees are temporarily lowered. Older animals or animals with medical issues will also have lower fees. Before adoption, all pets receive their recommended vaccinations, including rabies and distemper; are spayed or neutered; and are microchipped and registered to the adoptive owner.

Bloomfield Animal Shelter

61 Bukowski Place

Bloomfield, NJ 07003

Phone: (973) 748-0194

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